Skill Swaps

I love skill swapping – especially if it results in something I can eat! In the past I have traded for chicken stock, wall hangings, cookies, and mix tapes. The latest was with a prior work colleague and current buddy – Lee Desrosiers – exec chef at Achilles Heel in Brooklyn.  I had been begging him to show me how to properly butcher a chicken and in exchange I made him an apron in a gorgeous distressed brown leather.  It turned out great and I love seeing that he gets a lot of wear from it.

Lee does about a pop-up a month  at the moment sometimes teaching butchering, sometimes cooking but always awesome.  This was an event he did about a month and a half ago.  Photos by Christian Harder




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Risk Collaborations

This year so far has been a year of taking risks and seeing what happens.  Case in point is saying yes when a clothing label – Hickorees – calls you up and says Hey! can you make us some fitting room curtains and a 8f patchwork denim rug and saying yes.  Because sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone and do new things.

I am lucky to have a really big studio space, so accommodating pieces like these was relatively simple.  I say relatively because the old measure twice cut once procedure is time consuming and tedious especially for a rug that has 46 different shaped pieces to it.  But will, in the long term save you recutting and resewing – trust me…

Like always, the thing you think will be the simplest often turns out to be the ball buster…the fitting room curtains had a polka dot pattern on one side and the manufacturers stamp on flip side, matching those up was a challenge and when I rolled out the 71″ needed, realizing the weave was tighter on one side than the other nearly made me cross eyed.

And of course the rug, which had so many pieces took me some time and gave me new muscles from lugging it around when adding a new row.

But I was determined, I had a deadline and I wasn’t about to let them or myself down.  Like anything, it came together in the end with some tunes by George Michael and peptalks to myself.   Below is a photo from the pop-up that is happening right now at Stag Provisions in Venice Beach, CA.

A good reminder that you gotta break some balls sometimes in order to grow, even if they’re your own…


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New Aprons

Whenever owner Chris at Flinders Lane restaurant gets in contact with me for new goods it’s a good day. We have similar design aesthetics and he more often than not lets me try new ideas. 

He needed to freshen up his aprons for Spring and had a piece of striped cotton fabric that would do the trick.


We ended up combining a couple of ideas and using vinyl for the first time for the straps. 


And we came up with this, I love a good stripe and I love the detail of the opposing striped pockets. 


(My) studio scowl not included…

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Apothēkē trunk show and sample sale!

The time has come my friends! This Sunday at Picture Farm Gallery will see a bunch of new and established designers showcasing their aw15 pieces and some past treasures majorly discounted.  Feb 22 noon-8.  Look forward to seeing you there.  Here’s a little taste!

eklass.boundaryEmily Klass fine art prints

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetRackk & Ruin Jewelry and re-worked vintage clothing

H_Fredriksson_FW14_1638H. Fredriksson sustainable and organic womens wares

Merica Jeans0736Merica Lee Denim

20150125_Simone_27 (1)Simone Bodmer-Turner Ceramic Jewelry

fw14-15 press lookbook small13The Carry-all Satchel by Me


BBM_FW15_group Jackson Pippin_postcardhats by Brookes Boswell

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Pop-Up Showroom & Sample Sale

I decided to make some strategic changes this year and one of them was to throw more parties! So I am proud to present the first of many reid.damnit trunkshows – apothēkē.  A collection of rad designers all under the same roof for you to shop, meet and as the day wears on, party with! Keep February 22nd free, it’s going to be awesome!

apotheke pop-up poster

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REID (damnit) constructed Army Totes

It’s been a while since I made these babies. But I’ve continuously run into the person who always asks when I’m making more and I thought “it’s time”.  Each tote is one of a kind and I always think each is better than the last!

The basic process is taking an old Army duffel bag preferably with scuffs, marks and holes. I chop them down to a more reasonable size and darken any markings such as stamps/names or ID’s, mend any holes and then pull off all the pockets/straps and buckles and make them usable in their new life. I add the leather straps and then out comes the Otter Wax, (which is an animal free beeswax wax) and I work the wax into the canvas to give it a patina and a showerproof finish.  It is equal parts meditative and a work out!

I have 5 available now and a couple more awaiting finishing touches – all in my ETSY STORE







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Yearly Round-Up

When you’re having one of those weeks where pattern making is a struggle and somehow you leave the zipper heads at your go-to store and they’re now closed for the weekend and someone spills aioli all down your jumpsuit – it’s at that point it’s good to just make a pot of coffee and list all the things you oughta be proud of.

1) It’s so easy to let the little things get on top of you when you aren’t rested and relaxed and I highly recommend doing your best to get away from your life at least twice a year – anywhere.  I went to Isabella – Puerto Rico.  It’s only 3 1/2 hours away and it was just beautiful, nothing to do but drink coconuts, swim and eat home made empanadas.

2) I got really fanatical about kickboxing and started training with Matt who is one of the owners of CKO in Williamsburg and I swear, I’ll be the next Rocky…

3) I finally got a studio! It was awesome to move my machinery out of the house and reclaim my apartment.  And I am approximately a jillion times more productive and excited to work on projects in a separate space.  And it’s in Greenpoint which was exactly where I wanted to be, and the close proximity to Bakeri doesn’t hurt…

4) I got my biggest account to date, which was with Urban Outfitters working on some urban renewal with them. It was a giant lesson in production on a large scale and dealing with all the different factors when you work with a corporate company.  It definitely upped my game.

5) I had a number of friends who opened businesses this year and it has been exciting to see them do well in projects they have been working steadily toward for a long time and serves double duty as inspiration and motivation.


2014 has been a blast – bring on 2015!



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