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I watched the most charming documentary today – Advanced Style – an extension of the blog started by Ari Seth Cohen.  The short film focuses on a few of it’s more notable characters that are an inspiration, both stylistically and with their outlook on life.  It was a treat, and if you live in New York you have a week I think to catch it before it starts traveling around the country.

“Good style improves the environment for everybody” – word!

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The secret mechanic in me is all about finding things that are broken and fixing them, and with that in mind I found these busted heavily tooled belts that were ripped or the buckles were missing and cut them down into bracelets.  They are 100% rad and 100% ready for your wrists. Get ‘em HERE

reid (damnit) constructionreid (damnit) constructionreid (damnit) construction

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Since moving the work space out of my apartment there is literally so much space (brag brag) I don’t know what to do! It’s like when I first moved in and the movers made a comment that my living room looked like a condo showroom.  Albeit from the 60’s with all my Italian tilework…

I’ve been studying old copies of Vogue Aus Living getting ideas and browsing home blogs with more interest than normal for inspiration.  I have to say I am steadfastly in love with white walls but then I saw this colourful home of Dirk-Jan Kinet and maybe I’m slowly morphing into my mother who believes beige is the for weak… Or maybe it’s because the seasons are changing and I just watched the Burberry SS15 show and it’s all jewel tones and pops of bright colour.

Those grey walls and purple seat cushions!

Those grey walls and purple seat cushions!

I'm a total sucker for blue, especially when you mix prints and tones

I’m a total sucker for blue, especially when you mix prints and tones

Okay, I'm a sucker for yellow too - the contrast is killing me

Okay, I’m a sucker for yellow too – the contrast is killing me

See the rest of those drool worthy apartment on Dust Jacket.

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Capsule Show NYC

Capsule Womens is happening right now and you’ll see me – actually that’s not true at all…you’ll see my latest collection though – ss15.  If you follow me on instagram you’ll see a bunch of stuff that I’ve been putting together.  So I don’t want to double up on ya, but here are a few other in-progress shots that I’m excited to introduce:

I am making it mandatory for myself to travel twice a year and thus I need some nice travel accessories.  I’ve long been thinking of a few items and I finally got it together so here we have -

1) iPad Sleeve with side pocket

ipad sleeve2)Moleskin/Passport cover

moleskin/passport cover3) I got pretty excited about using vintage items from the Urban order and reworking them so I included them this year for the first time in the JAG over size clutch.  One side was a pair of fatigues, the other was a caramel leather trench

JAG reid (damnit) constructionCapsule is 299 South st. until this Sunday!

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New Stockist

I am proud to finally announce that reid.damnit clutches are for sale at Urban Outfitters! HERE

reid.damnit clutch

I put forward ideas for their Urban Renewal section which is reworking vintage pieces into something new! Essentially I found vintage jackets and vintage denim and combined them into the clutch.  I cut up some 11 broken grade leather jackets – many of them matrix size trenches and I sifted through many XL mens 100% cotton jeans to then tie dye bleach them.  It was a true labor of love let me tell you…but very rewarding and something I’m incorporating into the next season! I already have some vintage camouflage paired with caramel leather.  So gorgeous, maybe I need one for myself…

(image taken from Urban’s website)

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How to lose the Monday Blues: Enter to win one of three passport/moleskin covers!  Simply follow both The Shiny Squirrel and I on instagram and leave a comment on either of our feeds for snake/lemon or fuchsia! But you only have until noon Wednesday, so don’t be a snoozer.

moleskin/passport cover

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Ten Year Anniversary

My apartment looks like a jean factory had a head on collision with a paper recycling plant…I’m in the middle of cutting out orders and organizing all the hang tags/care labels that are associated with it and filling out credit card forms.  Le Sigh…in the middle of all this I had to stop to celebrate one amazing fact –  I moved here 10 years ago today!

I had a job set up but I only had one work colleague to call a friend so stayed in a hostel on the Bowery.  Which if any of you who are reading this know NY you will know that is not the most desirable neighbourhood to stay in…I mean it’s so close to the more fancier parts of NY that it’s not dangerous or anything, but you’re fielding attention from all kinds of interesting people…

It was tough in the beginning, my cc was maxed since my flight was booked incorrectly and I had to rebook my flight an hour before I flew out.  So I had like $500 and with accommodation I ran through that pretty fast, there was a creepy cleaner in the hostel and initially my job wasn’t ready for me right away and I was eating the cheapest meals I could to stretch my cash.  I was the literal immigrant story…

Anyways, it’s been a pretty fantastic 10 years.  It’s totally cheesy to say this but I really didn’t find my place in life til I moved here.  I met people like me, the city offered endless possibilities and I really can’t imagine my life any differently. 

Happy ten-iversary New York!

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